The Vampire Slayer and I

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

The story had begun
On a rainy afternoon;
As twilight settled over the land.

Darkness covered the pinkish clouds,
Rain has started to fall, too hard
And the wind whistled in un- tune sounds
Owl crying and the horror climb in my vain.

Lost in a creepy place
Where vampires hide,
Springing out of the dark of the woods
Their eyes red, their fangs sharp.
Walking fast as I could
Trying to hide from the demons of the nights.

Cast away in a forest where I went
Shadow of the moon is only the light
I heard trees laugh like witches
Foxes making a noise, a sign that
Vampires are just around the corner.

I see from the above flying 
Strange creatures, they are powerful
More than a hundred humans
They are after me trying to suck my blood
They are the vampires, the demons of the night.

Can’t take one more step to escape from them
Suckers of the blood that’s they are called
I try to cover myself with my two hands
My body shivers I lost my consciousness.

The sunlight wake up to me
Fresh morning air, sweet fragrance 
Of flowers surrounded on me,
Knowing that I survived from a nightmare.

The last moment I had remembered
There was a man standing in front of me.
The vampire slayer who rescued me
He fought with bloody fire arms.

Written By: Cheryl Aldea
Date: April 16, 2012