Who Made The World

Written by: Judy Radach

Who made the worlds,
   who made the seas,
And all the twinkling 
   stars that be?
Who made the night
   who made the day,
And who made man
   from a peice of clay?
Who made the flowers
   who made the bees
Who made the mountains, 
   who made the trees?
Who made the deserts
   who made the streams,
Who made the moon
   and the bright moon beams?

God did, God did, 
   See the things that God did .

Who made the rain , 
   who made the snow,
Who made the wind
   and he pretty rainbow.?
Who made prairies 
   of waving grain
And who made the 
   noisy old whooping crain?
Who made Moms
   who made Dads,
Who made lassies 
   and who made lads?
Who sent You 
   for me to love?
Betcha God did
   from above.

God did, God did
   see all the things that God did.
God did, God did
   are'nt you glad that God did?
God did,God did
   I'm sure glad that God did.

My attempt at childrens poetry.  Aug. 1989