Trees in the seas

Written by: Mutemwa Gideon

Trees in the seas
Shower like flowers
Holies in holies
Seven in Heaven
Breaks the command
Stones can't stand

Trees in the seas
Sing of the things
Which makes you and me
Deceive who we believe
Tears and cries are there;
Deep from our hearts, true in our cares

Trees in the seas
Who are we
In truth we are to be
With God and not sin
Have only we seen
Lies from the fruit
Seeds of sin lying to truth
Forgot the first plan
Through the Son of Man

Trees in the seas
Are rivers in our hearts
Which makes us grow fat
And rich in God's heart
Wealth in wisdom
Truth in freedom
Are just a part
Of God's will in life's art

Trees in the seas
Stand as Heavenly Beings
High in Heaven's Throne
Truth is life's Kingdom
Planted high above
God's Will God's Love.