Back to the floor

Written by: suni gecko

Under the influence is how you live. You seem to enjoy being a div. Not because you lack some charm, Not because of some past harm. I'v no idea why you insist on drinking, Why you refuse to stop from sinking. On the floor you are once more, But I wont worry, your up in a hurry. One drink down and heres the clown, A few pints more and you feel like a bore. So "to hell with it" i hear you say, "I know best how to play". Solos bound from your guitar, Did it really have to go this far? I watch your stool rock side to side, There it goes your sense of pride. On the floor just like before, A place you always seem to adore. I'll leave you there just a while, As you choke on your own sweet bile. The crowd dont notice, While you pose for photos. To them your just a great night out, But me, i'll always want you about. Perhaps with your liver still intact, For this is just a simple fact. You like to drink thats for sure I dont think we'll find a cure. Lets stay in, just for tonight. No wine, no beer, no big fight. No free drinks, no fans to shout, Just you and me, Please, lets not go out.