Sensual Thoughts of You

Written by: Letitia Alvarez

Thinking of you day and night
Hold me tight, don't let go
Your pictures an awesome sight
I'll be your doe if you be my beau

Grab me darling, lay me down
Caress my body from head to toe
I promise I'll never frown
Make me holler, make me scream
I'll make you glow then you'll grow

Kiss me honey, sensually (seductively)
Make me tremble make me weak
Do it though impulsively
Hush my darling, don't misspeak
Your eyes will tell me everything

Take your time, take it slow
Kiss me tongue to tongue
Move it slow to below
Then kiss me once again

Let me rub you all around
Gently stroking up and down
I'll hold you down and lick you too...