Pirate Tears

Written by: Kelly McDonald

Wretched traitors and thieves of emotions!
Blurring my vision and stinging my throat
Choking, choking until my mind melts and
Runs out, unchecked, through my silly red nose

I can make them stop if I really want to
And I do lately it seems....
By distracting myself with rancid thoughts
And blinking as though I were insane

I relegate them below decks and try to stave the flow;
Where they hide and slumber I don’t exactly know...
But I believe they have meetings regarding my resistance
And a mutiny is in the making even now;
I won’t stand a chance

Perhaps with diligent disregard 
They will cease their formidable efforts
Stopping with the constant pricking and slicing 
Of the tender places down deep in my heart

For I fear their release that I will be swamped;
Thrown overboard in the confusion and damp
Never again to captain this ship
That I have poured my soul into governing

Tears, filthy pirates, go away…
For you are not welcome here