The Unknown

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

Her beauty is like an Olive tree
The roof of her hips so succulents
I will go up to the Olive tree
Milk the solace that emits from her breasts
Sleep and dine in her chamber

Come, Come, Come, Come drink of my temple she said,
Come, Come harvest my grain,
As a harvester, I broke her hallow ground
Separating the weeds from the wheat
Crawling between her leaves

She tattooed her wet lips in between my grips 
As my balls melt in her longings
My diabolic streams flush into her narrow gate
The osmosis of passion and emotion
There was chaos in her holy order

Her branches rustled
A pleasurable tears cascading from chamber
As I glide in-between her streams
She sighs for more,
With my apt hoe, I prune her chamber
Conquering her body
Guess who she is talking?
She reside far in the unknown

Awoh Awoh