Jesus Lives

Written by: Judy Radach

Jesus lives, He lives in me. 
   He cleansed my soul,He set me free.
He changed my heart from stone to flesh,
   He gave me joy and happiness.
He's working on me every day
   to keep me walking in His way.
Sometimes it just seems to me
   I fall short of what I should be.
Don't foresake me ,Lord I pray,
   Don't take your guiding light away.
Instill in me a kind of peace
   that always lasts,that will not cease.
Fill me Lord, so full of love
   It could but come from God above.
Help me, Lord that love to share
   that everyone might know I care.
Let them ask me anytime
   for help and I will surely find
A way to help in time of need,
   to plant a grain of mustard seed
that grows into a faith so strong
   it fills their life with joy and song.
Lord what You give to me today
   I, too, will give that same away,
to make anothers life worthwhile
   by knowing also, they're Your child