The Outter Layer

Written by: Stacey Behal

The molding of the outter layer,
Shifts gears to be a player.
In a space filled deep,
The hills climbed are steep.
As the human race explodes,
The facts are on the roads,
With what direction chosen by one,
Shaping their life until it's done.
Life has more than looks and money,
Death parts and takes all; one can see.
The meaning of life is real easy; listen.
Keep honest to all; glisten.
If you think you're better,
Look closer at each other.
The mind holds the knowledge,
The body takes the pledge,
But the heart and soul have faith and courage,
Which are what is remembered at the ledge.
Some may flaunt or flee away,
Others go right through each day.
Remember the moments and who you are,
And don't part away too far,
From the meaning of your presence here,
Each of us are bigger then our fear.
The light for success can be touched; reach,
It's about learning; become what you teach.
So with hold the thoughts that aren't positive,
Use the outter layer to do it; but the inner to live.