Fire Dissolves Ice Yet You Can Make Fire With Ice

Written by: Jennifer Cahill

There comes a bloodless slaughter
There comes a day turned into night
As they toil with their dreams, their fodder
As they face an immortal might

Watercolors awash with orange, yellow and red bleeding
Seeping and dropping little rainbow jewels
On dewey fields coveted by man, fertile for seeding
Under the rising sun's heat, searing and brutal

Mystical ideas threaded into a life of woven seams, splitting and ragged
Vision and sound colliding, though silent and soothing like in winter the snow falls
The skies meld the ancient stars, and drowning seas, and there moves the glaciers
Lands become barren and flooded, borders great thick rock solid towering walls

Built by tired human hands
By those who once worked in bands
Now separate and crawling
Under a god who has fallen