London Bridge in Falling Drown

Written by: James Fraser

Tides are rising, clock's are ticking
Us humans in disgust in ending sickening

Turmoil is endless these past recent weeks
One can sense natures Armageddon, it's what we've reaped

Forestation, deliberation, call it what you may
She's had enough, no one will be around to say

Many gathering clouds, so grey like never before
Flat-lands of our counties, becoming one long shore

In abhor I look, at the sadness of life's wildlife
Struggling against the tides, drowning in mans strife

The rural that was once, sadly is no longer there
I close my eyes to vision, watery eyes can only stare

Black tides are ever growing, encroaching over the lands
We now reap what we have sown, and die by her crying glands