Butting Out of Trouble

Written by: peggy caulfield

The pigs were in the yard
Stirring up some trouble;
Along came the goat
And climbed into the middle.
The pigs being much offended
Told goat to butt out his nose;
Cow came along 
And a nasty fight arose.
Not wanting to be left out 
The chickens got involved;
The horse hearing the commotion
Thought that all should be resolved.
Looking at the clucking chickens
He began to gently scold;
"You're a might too small
For one trying to be so bold."
The cow he gave a kick
And sent him mooing on his way.
"It's time you stay out of this
Go home and eat your hay."
To the goat he firmly said,
"You should butt out of trouble
When the pigs are in the yard
Do not get into the middle."
He who follows this advice
Will keep a happy face;
Don't let getting in the middle 
Cause your countenance disgrace.