Alienation Mystery

Written by: David Smalling

God invisible, inaccessible in dark and light,
Total space of universe, and still presence in mystery masked like night
Where every part of me fintely in infinite you is traced

To whatever mountain height my fragile form found safe
There so wide depth outside our insecure depth of fall
Seasoning me to mirage of space, an hermit from your grace.

You are the all of every grain of sand, an eternity to know
My wayward ways wander witless in the palm of your widthless hand
With promised presence present in my grief alone. 

What then to that huddled lump of breath you meant before his sin
What then shall I frightend and fumbling since the fall expect again
When writhing on your cross, you in my skin felt no other pain

Acessibility makes loneliness long history hampers pain
The fragment broke my dual claim of rib and heart before you came
Love alienated from its peace,  forsook sin to be closer drawn to you.

Yet omnipresent here already how much closer is content
Was the woman more, a hidden all of you in me, visible all from you
Give me grace that the questions may from troubled search relent