I have to Say - Good-bye

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

I begin the trail, to my living Hell
The cold wet ebony darkness , of Death 
I travel this path , as if in a shell
Wondering FOREVER, about my last breath
Unstoppable  sobbing, cries from my Heart
I’ll never see, my dreams, my Life My WIFE 
The Finale pain , just rips my Soul apart
The Eons of my Eternity; no Life

Inhale the flavor of Everlasting ; Fear
Lavish it, Learn it, LOVE it, a place called “ HELL “
I have no Heart left, disintegration will soon appear 
Hear the ringing of the Bells, the Forsaken “ Iron Bell “
I Know In my LIFE, Just One Dance With my WIFE
I was hooked in a Hook. Line and Sinker
Her Young Heart of Innocence , revives my LIFE
For the Eons of FOREVER Sunsets Ever Pinker

                            To be Cont.

Inspired by Carolyn Devonshire 

           Dedicated to