Beautiful Disaster

Written by: Jodie Williams

The heart hears a hauntingly sad tune,
there is no dancing inside of this room.
My heart only beats to the sound of your name,
a twist of fate is one hellish cruel way to play the game.

A rushing of blood drums in my ears,
which only entices my innermost fears.
And you're treasuring this, I can tell by your stance,
you sing all the right words, still I'm too scared to dance.

What will happen if these words are another wicked lie,
surely this time I will sink without a lifeboat, left to die.
Why can't I finally walk away and let you just go,
you hold the key to my heart, trapped in your mighty glow

So I lose either way, can't live with you, die without you,
a bittersweet conclusion bathed in a fluid, deathly blue.
As icy as your hands, one round my throat, one at my waist,
biting as your lips meet mine, one final time, my blood is laced.

A requiem of a dream you've crushed without care,
leaving me with nothing more than a wing and a prayer.
Trapped in a corner where my memories hide,
you've managed to rape me of everything, even my pride.

Every last ounce of my dignity, now in your possession,
a sinister way to ensure you imprint a lasting impression.
Here, take my breath, slow and steady or with violence,
For we will never dance again, the melodies made scream silence.

Overdosed on a emptiness that now begins to consume me,
living this nightmare, the ghost of you I cannot set free.
Swirling gusts of memories begin to kill me even faster,
Just remember us as another beautiful disaster.

A/N this was my first co-write, which I wrote with a friend. I really enjoyed it, will definitely co-write again