Between the covers

Written by: Brenda Victoria Northeast

Between your covers

I learn of love

True love

Enduring love

So pure and full


I learn of right and wrong

Of truth and forgiveness

Of death and life

Of old and new

Of past and future

Of beauty and ugliness

Of tears and promises

Of pain and suffering

Of Hope and faith

Of darkness and light

Of angels and demons

Of war and peace


Between Your covers

You reveal all that you are

Now I know assuredly

You will never ever-Leave me or forsake me

That I will always be truly thine

That I will never have to feel ashamed

For You have covered me with Your garments

And Your blood has washed away all my stain

And You now - own me by your name

The Holy Living Word of God- Jesus Christ

I am now Christian- Living IN HIM

Between the covers of His Book

He has revealed all His purposes to me

From The beginning - to the End.


© Brenda V Northeast 3  April 2012