Written by: mandy klein

Day after day
And every night
Alone in the shadows 
I lye here in bed
Slowly - dying

I close my eyes
To keep from crying
Cause I feel all this pain
But hold it inside
Cause I can not mend
All those wounds you fed

And all of those memories
Of you I wish to lose
Cause you drained me hollow
And left me numb

But living without you
I can no longer bear
An unsteady needle
pricks my fingertip
And all of those unspoken words
Are now written-to you

I feel myself weaken
As I stare lost in the dark
I watch it as it all fades away
And slowly I drift off

Cause I gave my life to you
And now I lye still
No longer breathing
I took my life away
Brought it to a bitter end
Becoming nothing
For you