You may think I'm crazy - the booty poem-

Written by: Jodie Williams

You may think I'm crazy, or that it won't suit me
If I had one wish, id wish for a booty
No not a car trunk or sock for a baby
For I want an azz like a big curvy lady
The backside iv got, I'm getting annoyed
When seen from the rear I look like a boy
I can't keep my jeans up, they fall off my bum
No matter how tightly my belt has been done
No elbows on tables, for safety, not manners
Embracing me is like cuddling spanners
Covered in bruises and yes, you can laugh
I get a numb bum when I sit in the bath
I just want some padding to cushion the blow
And being so skinny, ain't all that, you know.