when colors collide

Written by: Sean Kelly

 I dated Mary Browne from out of town
 She was a lovely lass.
 She'd auburn hair and freckles and a perky little ass .
 The donkey carried her to Sunday school
 And all seemed well and bright.
 The lads were green with envy , especially Parson White .
 But big Bob Gray , on that fateful day
 Said ; " WOW !!!, she'd grace my bed.
 As he thrust his lusty hand at her,the poor girl turned bright red.
 Her ass was having none of this,
 He heehawed ... heehawed... " Don't dare " !!!
 And with a flick , lashed out a kick
 Now Bob Gray is gone much greyer .
 His eyes are now , pink bloodshot .
 His groin is black and blue .
 But now he sings soprano , from the very last church pew .
 When Sheriff Green came on the scene
 He didn't know what he could do.
 Saying" never mind , I'm color blind , can't tell my pink from blue.
 My amber , mauve or lilac could be torquise , white or brown ,
 So saddle up your donkey and get your ass out of my town".

For  Olajide's color blindness contest .