My Beautiful Life

Written by: Duane LaChance

Here is another poem for you to ponder
As I sit here and let my mind wander
Are you all you think you can be?
Or are you a drain on society?

Look in the mirror and stare at your soul
You are the one that has to carry the toll
It’s your life make the best of it
We only get one try, so be legit

Try to do your best each day
Before your life passes you away
Take the time to do it right
And you will sleep well tonight

When you feel your life is in turmoil
No need to let your blood boil
Look in the mirror once again
Tell yourself to make amends

Life is a wonderful and beautiful thing
Living to your potential, spreading your wings
Show the entire world who you are
Let the people know that you are a star

I end this poem with a final note
I love my life; I’m not trying to gloat
I look in my mirror and it’s easy to see
God has provided everything to me

Duane A. LaChance Sr.  -  2012