Aussie Mousse

Written by: Sandy Ivy D

Aussie Mousse

Do not heed to the woman doing your hair 
Mousse Styli santé ' committing one hard stare 
Sprays raid every time she speaks Sally & Sheila, 
keep your bottle above the temperature peak.

Aussie style, alcohol free verse 
All the hairspray in the world
Will never shy away your phat
Splat ‘splat’, your ignorance is fat
Pick up that double chin,
My good friend'
All that blubber!
Will never burns like rubber!

Here is a buck, Color your hair blue 
Like the horizon in the sky 
That picture on your wall will never do 
Something in your right eye' is a lie' 
Shed off a few pounds Add some flexible support to your Wonderbra 
Your hairs all flaky Your hairs all sticky How about adding, 
Aussie to maintain that look? 
Your old one's wearing off