Tortured Sinner

Written by: Bethany Chipperfield

You, scattered in the fragments 
of a smashed mirror. Reflecting youth 
and within your gloom torn eyes
shows the loss; bound by the sweet hatred 
of love. 

Love, oh! How pure and captivating 
your soul is to me;
Shimmering on trembling tongues, 
Lips soft, coral eyes dark:
Heart the cascade of gold, gold, gold. 

Shining through the cracks, the crevasse 
of all hopes, characterized 
in those definite strokes 
of the torturer. 
Your personal hell. 

Let me take those fissures, 
Glittering light beaming off scars 
and bring them to my lips.
Let me explore the honey 
of life’s harsh cud. 

I take you. I look into you,
Dive through the curse 
of your sea, bitter salt 
clinging to my cheeks,
Yet mixed with purity.

Mixed with my love for thee. 

Link with me, limbs of the sodden earth 
wrapped around the smooth wick of bark.
You thumping thunder 
beneath my outstretched tips, I promise 
I’ll stay till the last beat.