Shattered Dreaming

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Was dreaming on the edge of time 
Serenity in my lucid  dreaming 
Dancing  along that milky way 
You came along to pull me away

I see your body language seeping 
It's resonating all the way through 
Romance in reflections of a storm

A rose grows in the barren desert 
You came along and plucked it 
All because you could not resist 
Couldn't leave it in all it's splendor  
Had to have it for your own 

Angel lifted you from darkness
Is that not  the words you  said 
Wasn't there a promise of  trust

Calling my name from your grave 
Waking me from my astral dreams 
Angel lifting the dark veil you said 

Did you not say I was beauty personified 
Talked more of the spirit, lesser of the skin 
Soothing words you whispered in my ear
Were all but empty sermon's from lips 

I can't see you for the tears now
Wanted me full in the moment 
touch me ~ leave me unbroken
Or touch me not ~I begged of you  
Even my doubts and fears were divine 
Stop looking past me, I'm right here

Angelic script was all but left behind
The world-win dance you took me on
Would not be any other way you said 
Falling apart at the seams is what I am