if only i could

Written by: Chuck Keys

if only i could ... see
the wind as it soars flawlessly,
echoing off the forgotten faces 
smiles and frowns,
people long past and beyond.

if only i could  ... feel 
the unbridled serenity
of times of peace, not despair ... not  so, 
... I am afraid, for we

have been seduced into passivity, of non-joy,
our new ....        of man, a descent into an abyss 
where man walks tall into death 
and despair on the wings of endless surfaces on our hands and knees.

if only i could ... taste
the sweetness of unbridled elation
as a bird in passioned flight …
with the sun on my back ... a heated

breeze in my face ... of no more
if only i could, if
only i could, if only
i could - i would ... but alas, my time has passed.

the summer of my youth fades with the ticking clock
of memories and soon to be forgotten - trees, flowers, birds galore
no more.
i am in the fall of my times - pensive in thought - but actioned still

passionately in joy. finally i am myself within myself
a smile ...
i am with her, the sweet scent of honey suckled dearness
in my front – still.

© Charles H Keys, 2012.  All Rights Reserved