Three O'Clock In The Morning

Written by: Edmund Siejka

There was a time when
You couldn’t leave my side
We lay in bed
Two lovers waiting in the dark
Wishing the night would never end
Listening to each other’s heartbeat
Instinctively knowing what the other wanted.

Then you turned your back on me
And just had to do your thing
I didn’t care for your new friends
Or was it they didn’t care for me?
You remember, don’t you?

Technically, you’re no longer in my life
But you’re still here
Somewhere deep in my memory
Your way back in
Like you always did.

It’ll be a long, long time
But I’ve waited long enough
For the day
When I completely forget you 
Banish you to the garbage heap of bad memories
There’s nothing wrong with the way I feel about you
Next time I’ll be 
Determined never to look back.