He knocked me off my feet

Written by: Lesego Mokgale

Today i knocked off early
What a day it was
Impatience is riding my soul
Like a hungry horse in the field
Anxious to reach the bus stop

I waited for my bus ride
Singing and counting the minutes
I dressed like a lil girl
Waiting to see her 1st crush
Grinning from ear to ear

And then... There he was
My lil stallion dressed in black
Moving like a devil on steroids
He don't notice
But i turn all purple with envy

FInally i gather all my scattered guts
Move up close to him
My heart thumping, bet he heard that
Cos his lips twisted with charm
Gosh he's pretty

I was about to move my lips
And whisper "hello sir"
But he beat me to it
He said "hey sexy"
I held my breathe in then out

I lost my grip and felt dizzy
People cheered in awe
... He had a tunnel inside his mouth
All his front teeth had disappeared
It wa all dark and scary

As i regained my sanity and opened my eyes
His lips were locked in mine
Mouth to mouth they said
Soft and juicy so warm against
I died in his arms for good

Today he's my husband... Till teeth do us part
He's my teethless husband and i love him