Mother of Mine

Written by: peggy caulfield

Dear sweet precious mother of mine,
It's you that have made my life to shine.
You taught me what I needed to be,
You set the example and encouraged me.

When life was down you tried to smile,
You pushed ahead an extra mile.
Your trusting spirit instilled in me,
An equal faith and humility.

No longer a child under your roof,
You still are to me a living proof;
That I can take whatever comes my way,
And turn it into something for God each day.

My voice, I know that I can raise,
And always sing my Mother's praise.
For you fulfill the proverbs of 
A blessed mother and her love.

Thank you dear sweet Mother of mine,
For making my life to clearly shine.
Of everything you taught to me,
May I pass it to my family.