Do you know me

Written by: William Hughes

You say you know me
But do you know whats behind the smile
behind the laugh and the joyful mask
A man made from pain and rejection

Socialy unaccepted as a young child
Presented to constant derogatory terms that hurt deep down
They called me a disgrace to my race
No speed or jumps, no black traits

Always fighting to keep my name
People tested me out and called me lame
Whole groups of people laughing into my face
Words filling up my mouth with a salty taste

I forced a smile on my face and kept going
through the hard time i tried to forget society
Alone i recovered from those times
Relaxed and isolated

Today you see me and think i'm funny
A talented athlete with a skill in poetry
Always smiling, acting like a "g"
Truthfully, you don't know me