Written by: mandy klein

Stained glass

Marks my sadness

With shattered pieces

I couldn't catch

They prick my fingertips

With broken slivers and such


I had hidden within

Buried deep a burden I keep

That still remains

Bringing only pain to receive


So an aching heart

And tortured soul

Is such a misery

I keep for company

That makes it hurt more


My vacant stare

And sullen eyes

Shower me with lonesome tears

That I weep, to always fall


Peering up ahead causiously

Afraid to look up

I didn't want to see before

I just blocked it out

With blinding thoughts


I see my reflections show

A sullen soul

As I stand before a mirror

Made of glass


Needy eyes

Glimpse a depth in me

I was lost in for so long

Through a window

With curtains drawn

I stand before it

As it falls