Unzipped lips

Written by: Roxanna Ressler

Keep your opinion to yourself & let people live
Just because you think your perfect doesn't mean you are.
Tell me to grow up?
You grow up.

Honestly the mistakes you preach about 
Are in fact the mistakes you made at one point...
Live and learn?
More like live, screw up and take your life's mistakes out on me.

Yes maybe you did get pregnant at 17 with my HALF sister
Then preach that teens shouldn't be retarded and should grow the heck up..
Well sweetie im sure when the pregnancy test displayed a plus, You were just as helpless and lost as the ones you criticize today. 

Pathetic really.
Set an example why don't you? I mean after all just because you got me to eighteen doesn't mean you throw the towel in and stop parenting.. 
Want a medal now or something? 

I vow to never parent like you. 
You had to rough of a childhood to parent in my opinion 
You experienced it all; Foster homes, abusive parents, pedophile brothers etc..
Yet here you stand, re-mending your broken home and life through me.