Daddy Dearest

Written by: Heaven Lorenz

Nothing is the same anymore,
I have yet to see what good
You're visit really was. The only 
Thing you've caused is pain. 

I don't care if it's your blood
That gave me life, I want nothing 
To do with you, as you claimed
The same in the past years.

I was nothing but an 
Inconvenience to you.
A little girl can stop 
A hard partying man cold.

It wasn't you who taught me
The ways of life, you weren't the
One who showed me what
A true father is.

No, why even bother wasting
My time thinking about you?
You're not worth the fleeting
Seconds that you pass in my mind.

I know of what you did to Mum,
I know about the drugs,
I know about the anger
You've felt towards me for ruining your life.

You can lie to me, say you 
Love me, that I'm your daughter, 
I have to love you. But think, why should
I give up my happiness?

To acknowledge you would simply 
Be the final pin in my heart, I knew
I was messed up before, and
There's nothing you can do to make it any better.

You're not on my list when it 
Comes to family, I don't care that 
You're trying to say you love me,
Where were you when I needed you?

When I needed someone to lean
On, someone to catch my tears? Those
Tears dried long ago. Sorry,
You missed your chance to change.

Karma burns terribly, I hope you 
Can see that now.