Fred's Ode to Bob

Written by: Robert Pettit

Bob has been the greatest friend I will ever know. Practically wherever he travels, I also go. He restrains me with a leash, but I know it is human law. To this person I owe gratitude. I outstretch my paw. I will remember the day he liberated me from the shelter. Each day of existence there was like helter-skelter. I had it all planned. My objective was quite clear. This was my biggest opportunity for leaving here. Those other dogs appeared quite stupid and dense. You would think none of the others had the least amount of sense. By barking and growling at Bob, they only hurt their chance. I looked at him and wagged my tail when he gave me his first glance. My plan worked quite well with great success. I have spent the last seven years with him in happiness. In his sophisticated language, I cannot communicate. I wish I could tell him the foods I like, and those I hate. Apparently, many other people like Bob, and I can see why. He has been a true blue friend that no man or dog can deny. Right here in his home, I will spend my remaining days. He has been like a lucky bet worthy of parlays.