different people

Written by: maxwell collier

different people say different things, this is my party, so i care what they bring, talk about me all you want, because we all know, your just a taunt, and I'm a haunt, I'm bigger than you, so change the font. talk about me, i don't care, but how can you talk when your in the air? i like honey because I'm a bear, you keep talking, and its to much to bear. so what? my shirt has a tear, if you don't like it, why do you stare? you only talk about me, now is that fair? its sad you judge me by the clothes i wear. but you will be gone, and people wont know where, you wont be here or there, ill hide you in my city because I'm the mayor, such a shame to break up a great pair, you even judge me by the music i blare, I'm sweet but dark like a chocolate eclair.