Written by: Robert Ball

Wisdom, let's delve into this word,
If it is willed I'll try to seperate wisdom the way maybe to the Lord.
Seperation is distinct and to be seperated is to be apart.
Look into your inner voice (The Holy Spirit if you will) look to your heart.

Breaking the first letter "W" the Word" Our saviour Jesus Christ.
I- is for inspired phropecy from the Father Delivered in Love, absolutely good advise.
S- would be Solomon, God's inspired wisdom king.
D-Solomons's son David the greatest gift from God to His chosen nation.
O-offering true alligiance to one true God.
M-mercy, pity, love for his children, if you will God's spiritual nod.
This is what this writer, this sinner carnal man sees.
Don't be afraid brethren peace will come through Jesus God's son His wisdom spiritually.

Be vigil, look search, study God's Holy Bible have faith, hope and pray God finds you worthy to enter His Kingdom.
You'll truly with God's truths and understanding, having the love for all and be under the direction of God, Jesus His Son.