real poetry

Written by: john loving iii

you just can't sit down
and write this stuff
you have to look deep
inside of us
some poets are weak
while others are strong
sometimes emotions
just seem to hold on
when we give 
the best that we can
and a tear that lived
on a cheek for a span
name the price
no one can
not for all the 
money in the world
will we let this feeling
go unheard.
so we gather our sences
our heart and our pride
and we let the world know
what we feel inside.
yes with poetry and words that rhyme
how else can we steal their time
we must look pretty for the wanting minds
and sound magnificant without a doubt
to a world without eyes 
where ears will melt
words carefully chosen 
and feelings are felt
we turn cowards into heros
and make lovers of the unloved
we solve the mysteries of the mind
and carry messages form heaven above
words on paper, much much more
an inspiration and a way to adore