welcome to life

Written by: Ace X

The piano is so beautiful tonight.
Im in peace yet feel happy , these last few 
Its not a rush its truth, in these last few moments.
I don't have the interest because im happy.
Beautiful pianos, you bear no soul tonight
You make this all possible.
Key ohh keys open brookl doors
For both roc and twist.
Ohh keys, save those in need.
Its hard to please, because im no longer
and change isnt home.
I guess passed me lays a force,
Maybe one day itll be worth it.
Ohh keys im not there yet.
I know, well we all know.
flows pass from people to people
So when i, i see one, which is all of u . 
Music please ,
Ill give it to you.
I need a kiss, because im speaking with keys.
I have a dead mans dream,how can u see me.
RIP, to those. 
I know i wonder, will i fall.
Trading a soul for wisdom.
Illuminated but not fealt,
I must be the change,
everyman deserves a second change,
even though you brought me here.
I must allow some relief for this pain.
I wish i was another man, maybe not.
But dam, i give up . never.