Written by: Mark Goodson

These are some but there are many
Having rights infringed upon
Like noisy people before a game
When the National Anthem is sung
Seated not standing-they laugh-running all about
Perhaps they realize not the cost nor care to find it out
Or a constitutional citizen who speaks of freedom’s liberty
Then cries out loud- as a bleeder- against leadership’s way
For when it’s time to turn out- he having never voted to this day
Or the thief who sneaks about my home dealing my earned things
Once when caught- feels captured remorse -adjusting my college ring
Or the school student that stays in trouble almost every day
He loudly distracts my poor little Johnny who wants to make all A’s
Or the commercialization of consumer products viewed as pretty and fat
But when I get home and open it up – it seems empty and flat
Infringements all- which spit upon my face- pass me a towel please
First-Help me Lord-it’s stuck so deep- to remove my own eye’s beam