Written by: Jesu Johnson

Looking in the mirror, at a face filled with doubt. Staring, pacing, silently, patting pockets without clout. By the world's standards credit is not granted or given, to those of us, strivin' and strugglin' by livin'. A world's definition, or measurement of one's worth, forces us to look deeper through our eyes into the depth, deep inside of one's self. Only to find a undiscovered value. Priceless. But then the world, and some of it's reality, grabs a hold of our hands and minds ability. Reminding us of the seeds it's sown, stunning, staggering potential, and capabilities. The unknown. Priceless. Then suddenly. The mirror itself reflects a little light exclusive to one and only you. A voice within, internal sends you it's timeless clues. Believe in yourself, you'd hear it say. In spite of the world, Despite the world, it's doubts. YOU, in a word. PRICELESS.