The Country Angel

Written by: Curtis Moorman

The Country  Angel

He came dressed in clean pressed jeans
A leather vest and a matching leather hat 
Though he was someone we'd never seen
No one seemed to think of that

He was carrying a beat-up guitar case
He asked, "Is this where the Bible study is?"
Someone told him, "Yes", downstairs
We'll start around sevenish

All were gathered, thirty or so
We opened with a word of prayer
The man in the leather vest and hat
Was kindly just standing there

The host asked if he would like to play
The guitar he'd brought along
He answered quietly, "Yes Sir, if I may"
And he began to strum a song

It was a familiar song to everyone
We all sang every word
The man played melodiously
Sweeter music was never heard

Many souls got saved that night
But we never found out his name
He had simply vanished from our sight
We know not from whence he came

We all agreed on this one thing
Just as Scriptures bares
We had heard an angel sing
And entertained him unawares

Curtis Moorman
18 March 2012