Where were you

Written by: Gwen Benita Mason Gibbs

Where were you when I needed you the most
when I cried out your name you disappeared like a ghost
where were you when I needed your help in the middle of the night
just a moment ago you were right by my side and now you're out of sight

You promised that you would be here to keep me safe from harm
and hold me tight and closely in the comfort of your arms
to help me find my way when I get lost
and shelter me at all costs

It wouldn't be so bad for me if you hadn't given me false hope
because once upon a time in my life I could cope
I guess I trusted and depended on you to much
and in the end all you handed me was just a crutch

So now I must learn once again to get along without you
and get myself up off the ground and start off fresh and new
dust off and get up and go, what's ahead for me in the future 
I honestly don't know

You could  have told me something thou instead of leaving me sad and blue
The only question unanswered for me is where were you.