Silly Love Poem

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I want to give you all of my love, from the heavens
up above. I want to put my arms around you,
you know I bless the day I found you. Woman 
look into my eyes, can you see it deep inside.
Can't you see my love burning like the sun up
in the sky. I'm burning like a flame, I pray you
feel the same, baby let me know, it is driving
me insane.

Say you will always be mine, because I want 
you by my side. When we make love We're 
going to set the world on fire, a super nova,
lighting up the sky, a blinding flash of light.
Please tell me that you love me, that this love
will last forever, that We'll always be together
until the end of time. I will never change my
mind, I just want to love you all the time,
till the heavens fall down, I'll always be bound.