Color Blind

Written by: Rocky Swartzfager

It has come to be all so apparent, That life is so bleak and desolate. My world has fallen over with nothing to remain. Oh, how I long to once again, Be in that ignorant bless, So that I may once again live. Your red lips have faded to A gloom infested perpetual grey. Those blue eyes that I once so loved, That I would wake to, Have vanished into the haze of black and grays. You are a blank canvas to my eyes. I will forever see the world, Not as it is wanted, but needed. The colors have faded, the sharpness gone, But the shape remains true. I am not blinded by the beauty, But presented the form. On my knees begging, I am here, Once again wanting Ignorance over fact, beauty over pragmatism. Oh, how I want see the facade of beauty, And never inner workings of it. Oh, how I want to be shallow and see beauty.