Living in the Depths

Written by: Marty Owens

Living in the ocean is not easy.
Sometimes the water gets so greasy.
During those times I dive very deep
where beautiful sights and delicious food I reap.
For you see, I am a merman named Triton.
I am the son of Amphitrite and Poseidon.
I am known as the Trumpeter of the Sea
because I use a conch shell, blowing it regularly.
My parents are not merfolk, but normal like you
However they are both able to live under water like I do.
I am handsome, strong, and brave,
and many a beautiful woman has become my slave.
Because of the beautiful songs I sing,
both women and mermaids, themselves to me bring.
I have powers as Ancient Mythology reads.
I have summoned storms to sink ships because of their greed.
Be it known, I am a very wise teacher.
Many have learned great lessons from this sea creature.
Do not despair if you're caught in a storm.
Just look on the ocean surface and you'll see my form!

*For The Deep Sea Contest by Gautami Phookan