Lost Morals

Written by: Jessica K

A princess in a ballroom
Is every girls dream
Playing it over in our heads, 
detailing the scene
A prince at our side
Determined to swoon 
Confessing your the most perfect 
one in the room
This is what's expected 
Until we grow up
And find our dream has decided to 
Decided to change course
Causing more ache
Now we can't breathe without being 
plunged with a stake
Or being rejected
Our only other option
Forsaking the world or choosing 
Most choose the latter
Loosing there virtue
And cling instead on what guys 
believe are true

Like "You're  bangable that's for 
But certainly not what I would date
For girls are nothing more than 
An appetizer on our plate"

And instead of disagreeing with their 
Setting out to prove it false
We believe these lies and comprise
Decide to be used up, then tossed
But at what cost?
Is it really so wrong?
Just following the pattern of 
american love songs
Craving to feel loved from this pitiful 
Just to follow and become an 
ordinary teenage girl

Now feeling alive and fresh in my 
Not focused on how guilty I feel 
Could it really be sin?
But its so fun
Pursuing the guy till you find out 
you won
Until the job is done
And you watch him leave
Now aware you stitched your heart 
on your sleeve
And he's tore it off
Threw it in the dust
Tell me world, is this pain a must
Can it be fixed?
No it's too late
Might as give myself to the next 
Now i'm stuck in the cycle
Caught in the mold
But too scared to step out, not 
daring to be bold
Now my heart is cold
Thy soul is stone
Going from guy to guy yet feeling 

Following the lie
This is the only type I catch
Besides, there's no such thing as a 
God destined match
Simple friend with benefits 
But no one benefits
Following the status quo
Just tell him no!