Hoping for the Best

Written by: Joshua Torres

Hoping for the best and expecting the worst,
Holding back the emotions feeling like I might burst.
I look into the mirror to see an unfamiliar face,
It is like a clone of me has taken my place.  
Lonely I sit and wait 
For life to dish out my inevitable fate.
I fall into a sea of despair and sorrow,
While the light fades and the path narrows.
I tread into lower valleys not knowing what will become of me.
I can’t see the sun not one ray of light or beam. 
But with all this hardship I become stronger.
I train and grow wiser as I wander.
I learn what life is truly about and how to live,
I might not have all the answers but I will thrive.
I am might be hurt but not destroyed,
I maybe struggling but not conquered. 
Life might knock me down and take my pride,
But with humility I will continue with my wide stride.
I will not falter because I have what I need to stand,
With my head held high with every one of my fibers and every strand. 
The fire of life might flicker but I will refuse to let it extinguish its light,
Because I want to burn out bright.