Our Prophets

Written by: Jack Reed

Through out our world of time. 
We had prophets that led us through our lives. 
Not one prophet has led us wrong. 
God punished many for not for not doing what they where told. 
Our prophets cried then beg and begged. 
God punished many, many people for wrong told livings.

Some of our Prophets was so powerfully great. 
They wielded powers that no others would ever think. 
Their preaching’s went inside their souls so clear every mind did feared. 
They had no choice but to listen to pray for heavens grace so load and clear. 
Some of our prophets have been laughed out of town. 
Then when they not listen brimstone has been rained to the ground. 

Our faith is always on trial. 
Please remember our Prophets then pray with a smile. 
Be ever so glad that we still have that great  Book of Life. 
Jesus was our last prophet, with out that Bible our would not be alike.