Moonlight Madness

Written by: Poet Destroyer A


The moon falls out like a secret above them frisky clouds
Daylight and night the stars come in crowds
Like a glistening diamond, I can't stop staring
Mixed-up in that moment that has no time sharing

Holding onto the tip of the tree limbs like a puppeteer
I can hear the words the moon whispers into my ear.

I will illuminate into a world only I know of.
My very own little secret sparkling island getaway. 
A world where beauty hides the beast.
I'll be the only exile under a sunless night feast. 

I'm going to pass on all my secrets away ---
as I have on my dreaming moonlit gear
Comfort upon this mundane wonder, astronomical sphere. 

I will look one last time at the mooned night,
I will close my eyes, and find myself in a box kite flight.

I will lay myself down to sleep, 
Not allowing my imagination to rinse off with wild sheep.
Like a Nightingale, I rather sit and serenade myself to sleep.
With the refreshing thought, the moon is like the pillow I keep

In this mad, mad world!
The moon seems to be the only object that holds it's sanity. 
Arousing me with it's inner peace and spirituality.