Cradle To Grave

Written by: Stephen Allen

Newborn soul of wind and sky
Angels tread softly upon this place

Eyes of elemental flame
Glowing passion, simmering grace

Feral child of natures plan
Innocence of this earthly place

Learning now the ways of man
His sins to be embraced

Realm of man exacts its toll
A life spent bereft of care

Cynics heart, unfeeling hands
Vacant eyes and deadened stare

Beliefs embraced, preached as truth
Corrupted chants of prayer

Spread the lies of immortality
The guff no souls to spare

Fire to embers, flames to ash
Life's goals begin to fail

Within himself he lives and breathes
Good intentions he derails

Final breaths he draws in pain
Memories start to pale

A world now dims in retrospect
As he steps beyond the veil