Written by: miriam garcia


Pumping blood cries of love 
Heart felt screams 
Dare to dream to be free 
Kindness to be seen felt 
Concerns’ poured out 
Spilled words of hatred 
Minorities’ color race poor
No defense locked away 
First timers made example 
Taken advantage of lost soul 
Were is the fairness in our justice 
Just as we try to make things right 
No defending when the money 
Is a huge concern to be paid 
Were is the compassion in that
Money talks highly in our societies 
Standing signs held up high 
The voice of the people shot down
Only the big guns will be herd 
So we gather in groups spreading out
The message of grater concern 
Only to be locked behind what we 
Believe to exist and they ignore 
And hope to cover and go away 
Compassion is a word not to many
Have now in our days