I am reminded

Written by: Leonard Taormina

I try hard not to remember and sometimes I don’t;
But inevitably somewhere somehow I get reminded.
And what I’m supposed to do about it I couldn’t really say;
Except if I was like I use to be I would have already gone away.
But I’m not am I?
I often tell myself I’m less intolerant then I use to be;
But maybe that’s some sort of an excuse.
Compensation, regulation and practiced rhetoric;
It all might be borderline pathetic.
She’s a good girl except when she’s not;
It’s when she’s not that continually haunts my mind
I think it balances out, but I can’t be sure and;
Is equal balance an acceptable conceptuality here?
A half a dozen chickens, a dozen eggs at hand;
There’s no dinner on the table but a hatchet’s by the stand.
What it doesn’t make much sense to you;
Well it certainly does to me;
And it doesn’t matter anyway;
You’re not looking where I see.